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At DeWitt Chiropractic, Dr. Travis Colt DeWitt and Dr. Nicole DeWitt have one sole focus: to help you in the most effective manner possible. In our warm and welcoming environment at our Coralville chiropractic office, your entire family will feel at home!

Listening Carefully to Your Needs in Coralville

Our goal is to find out what your specific concerns are, then address them using the Gonstead Technique. Our extremely precise approach ensures that we find and correct the exact cause of your problem. We’ll remove any pressure that is on your nerves so that your condition can be relieved.

You may come into our chiropractic office not feeling your best. We want you to leave happy and know that our particular methods will give you exactly the care you need. You’ll be involved each step of the way, with full explanations of our findings and what we plan to do to help you.

Finding a Solution for You

We welcome people of all ages and have seen success with a broad range of different health challenges. One of our patients is a little girl with Canavan disease. This neurological disorder prevents the transmission of nerve signals. With regular chiropractic care in Coralville the girl isn’t constipated like she used to be and is making strides in other areas of her symptoms, too. Meet Our Doctors!

Convenient Visits

Do you have a busy schedule? We understand, and that’s why we welcome drop-ins. We’re open late, and you can get in on the same day if you’d like to book an appointment. Contact us today!


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